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Hello. My name is Hella Hekkelman. I am a creative professional in concept design & communication. I’m happy to work as design coach for the Maakplaats (OBA). Furthermore I am open for various projects.

My hometown and current base is Amsterdam. In my daily life you can find me reading, running, crafting, practising yoga, hanging out with family & friends or travelling.

“Attention, here and now boys” – this quote appears in the wonderful book Island, written by Aldous Huxley in 1962. His message is still relevant today. We get distracted by a million things. By our phones, sounds of the city and by our own thoughts. Read this book, be grateful, dare to fail and have fun.

My background

I hold a master degree in Strategic Product Design and a bachelor degree in Industrial Design Engineering from TU Delft (Delft University of Technology). Previously I’ve worked for Kuyichi (sustainable fashion brand), onna-onna (former financial start-up) and Nationale DenkTank (non-profit organisation).

My passion

What if the word ‘sustainability’ is no longer needed, because normal/regular automatically means sustainable? Changes are needed, in governments, the industry and consumer behaviour. It’s time to ACT! In 2018 I started the project Refill Ambassadors. The goal of Refill Ambassadors is to stimulate the refill movement and to establish low-cost (water) refill points.

The more people choose to stop buying plastic packaging, the sooner refilling becomes the norm. Together we can change the way we use and waste single-use plastics. #Refillution

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