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Examples of my work are displayed below.

long term projects


The not-for-profit organisation Refill Ambassadors stimulates the (water) refill movement. Together with my team of ambassadors, we put existing refill stations on the map and try to establish new refill stations. We look for gaps and synarchy, and try to improve collaboration among different refill initiatives all over the world.


LeerLevels is a platform for A.I. driven education. Its goal is to tackle two major issues: the increasingly high workload for teachers and the lack of focus on individual students. My role is to support the team with brand strategy and communication.

lay-out (Print & online)


Perforator is an experimental ensemble founded by Akim Moiseenkov and Marlies van Gangelen. I created the poster and flyer for their new tour, a joined project with the Dutch Youth String Orchestra.

ISPT / TKI energy & industry

Various assignments for ISPT (Institute for Sustainable Process Technology) and TKI Energy & Industry. Work includes the lay-out for:


Poster design for yoga lessons in the OLVG hospital (Amsterdam).

Various cards and invitations

Design of various personal cards, like celebrations and birth announcement cards.

DR. Veronika cheplygina

Book cover design: ‘Dissimilarity-Based Multiple Instance Learning’ by Dr. Veronika Cheplygina, assistant professor at the research group Medical Image Analysis of the department of Biomedical Engineering at Eindhoven (and a true cat lover, like me!).


Various activities for Shout Out Loud, a local foundation based in Frankfurt, Germany. Tasks included food rescuing & organising workshops; facilitating brainstorm evenings for ‘Cool Ideas Society’; and graphic design (posters) to raise awareness on various issues.

corporate style


Creation of brand identity, logo and website texts. Website images were created using AI and Photoshop.


Design of corporate style, business card and gift card for goldsmith Esther van Drunen.

Dokter Flex

Design of corporate style, logo and website texts for Dokter Flex, a holistic healer and pain specialist/anaesthesiologist.

Duinbeek ESTATE & honey

Design of corporate style, labels, business cards and logo for Duinbeek, a small estate (holiday rentals) and honey brand.


Design of logo and website for Maud Sauer, an entrepreneur, musician and composer. Assistance with lay-out and form of workshops. I also designed the logo and corporate style for Cobla Amsterdam, a Sardana band Maud was part of.

Product design


Ideas for new products start by roaming the streets and collecting unwanted products and waste materials. With a bit of care and creativity they can be designed into new furniture, lamps or decoration.

tu delft & world toilet organization

Together with three design students this project was executed for World Toilet Organization, a non-profit organisation committed to improve toilet conditions worldwide. The project was conducted in rural Cambodia and resulted in two prototypes, a business plan, and detailed design of a concrete toilet shelter.


MAAKPLAATS 021 (since 2021)

As a design coach I guide children (age 8-16) during workshops, for after-school programs and school groups. Maakplaats 021 is a network of makerspaces in various OBA locations where children from the neighborhood can develop their creativity and digital skills.

lukida (since 2021)

Lukida links freelance artists, scientists and movement teachers as creative subject teachers to primary schools, to provide incidental or structural teaching days. After completing the Lukida Academy (8-week course), I became one of the substitute teachers.


Communication strategy and execution for the Nationale DenkTank. Nationale DenkTank is a non-profit organisation aiming to realise social impact with profound research and creative solutions.

onna-onna (2015 – 2017)

Communication and community building for onna-onna, an online financial targeting women. A sympathetic brand in a cold, conservative market. Within the small marketing & sales team, I was responsible for the brand’s communication strategy and execution, e.g. newsletters, blogs, social media, insurance related e-mails and press releases.

KUYICHI (2013 – 2015)

Graduation report, followed by implementation and further research. The goal was to increase transparency and raise brand awareness for Kuyichi, a Dutch conscious fashion brand. Different approaches and technologies to highlight sustainability were designed and analysed. Download the graduation report.

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